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Ever since the launching of its financial services in 1978, the Emperor Group has now become one of the most prominent financial institutions in Hong Kong. Financial professionals of the Group offer a wide range of money market services. Emperor International Exchange (HK) Company Limited provides forex trading services. Emperor Bullion Investments (Asia) Limited provides bullion margin trading services. Emperor Gold and Silver Online Limited provides online trading services for Loco London Gold and Loco London Silver.

Emperor Financial Services (HK) Limited and its subsidiaries Emperor Securities Ltd., Emperor Futures Ltd., Emperor Gold & Sliver Co. Ltd. and Emperor Capital Ltd. provide securities, futures and bullion dealing, investment consultant and corporate financing services.

Offering the most up-to-date and comprehensive financial support will surely strengthen investors' understanding in forex, bullion, stock and futures trading. Therefore, we convene investment symposiums and conduct exhibitions on a regular basis. The group also sets up an information research department, customer market hotline, as well as market quotation paging service.

Emperor Financial Services Group is a subsidiary of Emperor Group. Led by Chairman Dr. Albert Yeung Sau Shing ... (more)